Climate Change Makes Us All Vulnerable

Climate change is already affecting the world in dramatic and scientifically proven ways. The effects of abusing the environment from carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses have caused the ocean to warm and rise, animals change migration or die off, and the weather to start changing in previously unseen ways. Droughts are plaguing parts of the world that rely... Continue Reading →


Check it Out!

Just added a personal photography project focused on flowers on my various travels. Experimenting with a Java gallery versus a grid and click format. Check it out under "photography" in the menu bar! More to come in the future!

First Post

Let's start off with some introductions. Today is my birthday. As a present to myself, I've decided to create this website and blog. I thought it would be fitting to have myself and my blog born on the same day. The main topics of discussion will be environmental science, fashion, and health. The main theme that... Continue Reading →

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