Trash Nation

I want to talk about something that isn't generally thought of or talked about in an average daily life. I want to talk about waste. Trash. Dump. These words all have multiple meanings, and all definitions apply here. We are wasting our earth from the food we waste. We trash our oceans with tiny microplastics... Continue Reading →


GMO: an update

In 2013, I investigated and argued for the mandatory labeling of genetically modified food products (read my paper here). I wanted to come back to this subject because almost five years has passed and I'm curious to see the changes that have been made. Later that year in 2013, Connecticut passed the first bill in... Continue Reading →

Conscious Fashion

With the prevalence of fast-fashion retail (or what my mother calls "disposable fashion"), it's hard to imagine how fashion can contribute to social or environmental protection. There are many dark secrets hidden beneath our clothing including water pollution and high energy expenditure, labor conditions,  low wages, and child labor. Unfortunately, these are still ongoing issues. Fortunately,... Continue Reading →

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