Climate Change Makes Us All Vulnerable

Climate change is already affecting the world in dramatic and scientifically proven ways. The effects of abusing the environment from carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses have caused the ocean to warm and rise, animals change migration or die off, and the weather to start changing in previously unseen ways. Droughts are plaguing parts of the world that rely heavily on rainfall to nourish farm and pasture lands. The New York Times recently reported that there is a serious drought in Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria, and Yemen that have a real possibility of becoming four famines which could endanger more than 20 million lives. These countries are being hit with the consequences of global warming but produce almost none of the carbon emissions that cause climate change.

“Scientists have been saying for years that climate change will increase the frequency of droughts. The hardest-hit countries, though, produce almost none of the carbon emissions that are widely believed to cause climate change.”

Here is a list of multiple organizations that are helping to provide the necessary amount of water, food, shelter, and medicine to prevent this large scale famine. Donate now!


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