Online Consignment is Recycling

In regards to recycling, we don’t normally attribute thrift stores as being part of the cycle. In fact, consignment is a huge contributor to my favorite part of recycling: reusing! Unfortunately, reusing doesn’t come naturally for those in our culture anymore- in fact, I’d say we have a throw away culture that is causing a huge waste problem for the entire world.

As a twenty-something woman who tends to follow fashion trends, I think I can speak for a few of my peers when I say, our closets are bursting and we still have nothing to wear. It’s a common problem. So we purchase and purchase more to fill our perceived closet void, all the while racking up (unintentional pun) clothes we will use a handful of times at best. With clothing prices at fast-fashion retailers being so low, this is actually how most of us are living now.

I’m on a mission to reverse this wasteful and hoardery side of myself, and happily I don’t have to throw out unwanted (barely used) items. There is a super easy way to get rid of the clutter and actually make some $ too- online consignment. It’s basically like running your own used clothing boutique out of your home/apartment/tiny NYC closet. These popular apps are simple and easy for anyone to snap a picture and sell anything. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

1. Poshmark

Notable Feature: Style parties bring home the social aspect

Commission taken: 20%, for sales under $15 flat fee of $2.95

2. Depop

Notable Feature: Super hipster vibes

Commission taken: 10%

3. Mercari

Notable Feature: Simplicity with a wide range of items and the ability to choose what shipping method you’d like to use

Commission taken: 10%

4. Tradesy

Notable Feature: Image cleanup when listing items

Commission taken: 14.9%

5. Vinted

Notable Feature: Pinterest layout

Commission taken: 20%, but recently changed to buyer paying an extra 5% + $0.70 per purchase

6. ThredUp

Notable Feature: The seller sends unwanted items, and ThredUp sells them for you either in ‘consignment’ or ‘upfront’ and you get money either after it sells or upfront before it sells

Commission taken: the amount you get for each item is determined by the brand and how on trend the item is

7. LetGo

Notable Feature: it’s just like Craigslist, you have to meet up with buyer/seller

Commission taken: 0%


Another option is to find a local consignment or thrift store, which is especially helpful when you just need to clear out space right away. Trust me, nothing feels better than giving a bag full of old clothes to the Red Cross or something similar. Also, donations are tax deductible!


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